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RegBox™ is the registration division of Index Group of companies:


Exhibitor Lead Apps

Simplify your next event by going mobile. Either using our handheld lead-retrieval smart phones or a specific exhibitor lead retrieval app for their own smart phone. We offer a service that has no down time, working with or without network coverage. Once the unit syncs back with the mobile network the data is uploaded, backed up and synced automatically.

When scanning the barcode to access lead information, the first scan has to be fast and accurate.

Specifically with our service it is possible to have large storage capacity on a mobile device for the lead-retrieval system. Your exhibitors can wirelessly store, edit and qualify their leads at any time.

We offer a variety of custom questions to identify hot leads. Exhibitors can program their custom questions throughout the event.

Additional organiser features:

  • Restricted Access Control: Manage entry to paid functions by checking attendees’ badges or mobile device.
  • Conference or Seminar Session Monitoring: Track attendance and session interest.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Enable exhibitors and organisers to follow up with potential clients quickly and effectively.
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