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Exhibitor QR codes

QR Codes are used heavily in events and other marketing opportunities. Getting real time statistics and quantifying their use is a standard practice. Excellent for directing potential customers to your fully branded and interactive content by scanning the QR code. Real time coupons are also becoming more popular in the events industry.

However unless the individual takes the first step to contact you or your exhibitors all you get is an increase in your stats of how many times your QR code has been scanned. Yes for each QR code you can direct them to a contact form to collect their details, this works for an individual code, but this process will not be a streamlined efficient system for a complete trade event. It will not give organisers and exhibitors an overview of how well it was used.

We have looked at this from the visitor and exhibitor point of view and built a system that can integrate into a RegBox registration service or completely stand alone service from your registration company.

Visitors benefits:
  • No repeated forms to fill in for each scan - Only need to log into the system once.
  • Immediate access to the content or login to a personal e-briefcase after the event
  • Direct contact to exhibitors from the system
Exhibitor benefits
  • Access to visitor contact details from scanned QR codes
  • Real time reporting on QR code activity
  • Cost benefit print less marketing material
  • Facility to host documentation on our servers
  • Ability to change content/url without needing to change the QR code- content is always up to date
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