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Exhibitor Marketing
Exhibitor Marketing2021-09-01T10:38:13+01:00

Create & send your branded email invites & generate leads

A powerful marketing automation platform designed for exhibitors to create and launch pre-show email campaigns inviting their customers & prospects to register for the exhibition & visit their stand.

Send multiple promotional email campaigns before the exhibition to your company’s clients & prospect data.

With a marketer-friendly interface & advanced metrics, it’s never been easier for exhibitors to create, deliver & track highly personalised & relevant content for better response rates and bottom-line results.

We will provide each exhibitor with stunning, fully branded & professionally designed email campaign layout to showcase their unique message & include information about the exhibition to increase stand traffic, product promotion & build brand recognition.

We make your email look great on screens of all sizes — automatically — whether they are viewed on computers, tablets or smart phones. Exhibitors also have access to a dedicated account & reporting tools to help them gauge the effectiveness of their pre-show campaigns.

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Drive customers & strengthen your brand

Achieve best-in-class performance & build better relationships with your existing and prospective clients.

Measure exhibitor success with proven technology & proactive campaign management service

In exhibitions, a first impression can make all the difference. We are here to help put your best foot forward. By combining professional email design with advanced delivery & full reporting functionality, planning an exhibition & connecting with your customers has never been easier.


Our flexible exhibitor price plans are designed to give you an all-inclusive, hands-off approach to managing your campaigns before, during and after the exhibition. Pricing is simple and based on the number of campaigns you wish to send. Both plans include full access to all platform features. Upload and store unlimited contacts.


£199ex VAT
  • co-branded email design x 1 campaign
  • exhibitor dashboard
  • unlimited contacts
  • fully managed service
  • reports and analytics
  • complete automation platform


£249ex VAT
  • co-branded email design x 3 campaigns
  • exhibitor dashboard
  • unlimited contacts
  • fully managed service
  • reports and analytics
  • complete automation platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Who provides the exhibitor marketing service?2020-02-24T10:49:18+00:00

The exhibitor marketing service is provided by RegBox™ – an event technology company and official registration supplier for the Commercial Vehicle Show. RegBox™ specialises in event (show, conference, exhibition) onsite registration systems and software, event websites, marketing automation, exhibitor data-lead scanners, exhibition apps and QR codes. We are focused on helping marketers transform the customer experience – increasing engagement and driving revenue.

What is an exhibitor dashboard?2020-02-19T12:06:57+00:00

The Exhibitor dashboard is a true all-in-one communications platform, includes everything you need to create, send and track professional  emails and enables brands to integrate and personalise all their digital properties and channels into a seamless customer experience. With its modern approach to marketing automation, Regbox’s suite of tools enables marketers to deliver higher performing campaigns and content, and achieve superior results.

Is my data kept separate from other exhibitors’contact lists?2020-02-19T12:07:34+00:00

Each user account is a completely isolated account! All of your contact lists, contacts emails, email campaign templates and email statistics with full email campaign analytics are separate and specific to your information only. We make sure your data is safe, secure and separate from everyone else’s.

Is my data/content secure after it has been uploaded to your platform?2020-02-19T12:11:58+00:00

Your client contacts is safe behind our heavily secured firewalls. We use strong SSL encryption between your web browser and a web server so that personal information can be transmitted over the Internet securely. Security is paramount and our servers are heavily protected. It will reside in your exhibitor account until contacts are removed. RegBox will never rent, share or sell your list. We maintain our databases and systems in accordance with general industry standards to reasonably secure all of our commercial information, including information about you. We do not reveal any data to third parties and respect the privacy of all our customers. All of your personal information is retained in a secure location and access to these records is provided only to our employees having a need to know and who have signed a non-disclosure agreement. However, you should be aware that absolute security does not exist on the Internet, and that no security measures are perfect or impenetrable. For more details, please read our Email Privacy Policy.

What does fully managed exhibitor campaign service include?2020-02-19T12:12:49+00:00

Our managed email marketing services include planning, testing and execution of your visitors email campaign from start to finish: contact list preparation, data checking and uploading with optional cleansing and validation of existing database, recommendations for a customised design using personalisation of your invitation campaign, optimised delivery, real-time tracking and full reporting.

Do you offer a self-service exhibitor campaign management option?2020-02-19T12:13:40+00:00

Absolutely. If you prefer to build and manage your own email campaigns, we provide an effective solution that is both easy to use and feature rich. Self-service exhibitors can quickly design, build and send creative email campaigns with full tracking and reporting.

What are the timescales to design a branded email campaign and setup an exhibitor account?2020-02-19T12:14:24+00:00

Exhibitor client accounts are usually setup within 24 hours after processing the order. To design, customise and test your email campaign across all the devices & email clients we require up to 48 hours, and our process is really simple: your provide data and content, we design, test and execute delivery.

What payment methods do you accept?2020-02-19T12:16:34+00:00

We accept the following payment methods…

Credit/Debit Card:

We accept all major forms of credit and debit cards.

BACS or bank transfers, including SWIFT and CHAPS payments:

You can also select this payment option once an invoice is generated. Our bank details are shown at the top of our invoices. We can provide an invoice and other documents, which you may require. You can request more information regarding these forms of payment, simply contact our billing or sales team and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I use your marketing automation platform after the exhibition?2020-02-24T10:45:45+00:00

Absolutely. Your exhibitor dashboard will be accessible to you for two weeks after the exhibition, after that you would need to sign up for a service based on a personalised pricing plan that best suits your business requirements.

How do I know my contact list is not being used for purposes other than inviting my clients/guests?2020-02-19T12:21:25+00:00

All data-sets are kept confidential on RegBox’s secure servers and will not be used, rented, sold for any purpose other than the use of email messaging platform and solely for the purpose of exhibitor marketing on behalf of the exhibitor in accordance with their written approval. No exhibitor email lists are shared with exhibition management. Unless the exhibitor decides to carry on using our marketing automation platform, all stored exhibitor data, campaigns and reports will be removed from ours servers within 14 days after the show.

My question has not been answered, whom shall I contact for more information?2020-02-19T12:22:17+00:00

The RegBox team is here to help and would be happy to assist you with any queries that you might have. Simply click here to get in touch with us.

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