As technology evolves, so do customer – and exhibitor – expectations. How can you stay ahead of the game by offering a connected experience at your next event?

The events industry is changing every day. But this growth also brings evolving technology and different expectations from your customers and exhibitors. However, rather than panicking that you’re not up to speed, swot up and stay ahead of the game.
Go compete
There’s been a lot of talk lately about the possibility that virtual reality could replace event attendance in the future, but rather than focusing on what ‘might’ happen, look at what’s materialising today and assess what technologies will give you a competitive advantage.

Mobile integration
We all know that consumers enjoy fully-integrated mobile experiences during events – usage rates can be as high as 94% – so if you’re not utilising this, you need to ask yourself why. Yes, it may be a costly exercise, but event apps improve attendee engagement, increase attendance and create an in-seat experience with real-time notifications. Mobile ticketing also allows your clients to access and manage their ticketing in a much simpler fashion.

Live streaming
We’ve all heard of a ‘connected experience’, and events are no exception. With Facebook and Instagram Live quickly gaining momentum, live streaming should certainly be on your radar. Not only will it deliver an engagement stream with delegates who are unable to attend your event, but it could also bring the growth of ticket sales in the long term.

The headache of data and cash management is slowly becoming a thing of the past, with mobile payments like Apple Pay abolishing the need for cash at events; and event tech, such as scannable QR codes, that gather relevant data during live events.

Quick response time
Real-time feedback is changing the way events are run – gone are the days when clients have to wait to know exactly who turned up, what sessions were attended and which topics were the most popular. Event organisers now have access to all the information they need at their fingertips and can even change the way an event or session is going in the moment.

Work with us
RegBox’s online exhibitor manual consolidates valuable information, exhibitor details, correspondence, forms and checklists. It’s a simple, connected approach that helps you to manage customer and exhibitor expectations and deliver the best experience at your event.

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