Keeping track of your exhibitor information can be a time-consuming hassle, and one missed email can spell disaster. Here’s how you can manage everything you need at the touch of a button

What is it?

Put simply, it’s an online information resource and data collection form system that streamlines event organisation. We know how stressful it can be to organise an event, and keeping track of all the exhibitor’s documentation and exhibitors’ questions can be a time consuming and unnecessary hassle.

This online manual puts everything in one place. It consolidates valuable information, exhibitor details, correspondence and checklists, and can provide status updates to keep you in the loop with what is outstanding for each exhibitor. You can also communicate to a specific group of exhibitors with just one click.

Essentially, you can host and share information with exhibitors in one convenient place, so nothing will ever be lost under a mountain of paperwork again.

Why should I use it?

Everything you and your exhibitors need is at the click of a button.

Exhibitors gain access through a secure log-in screen, which allows them to see event information, contractor order forms or web links and organiser online forms, for example; risk assessment, health and safety, insurance proof upload, show guide entry and CDM compliance. They only have access to a complete checklist that’s relevant to them.

Organisers, on the other hand, have access to reports showing what activity has been completed and what still needs to be done. You can add and delete exhibitors when you need to, view all uploaded documents of a specific exhibitor, or download a specific forms filled in with information. You can also edit content on event information pages and contact exhibitors by email directly from the platform.

This one-stop-shop is the most efficient and cost-effective way to simplify exhibitor management and the operations process. Here’s why…

Save time: Take the hassle out of exhibitor correspondence and free up time to finish other things on your mammoth to-do list. Less emails, less phone calls: all messaging and information requests are in one place.

Avoid information overload: If specific exhibitors need a certain form, only they will receive it. For example, if some exhibitors are building a stand and others aren’t, only the relevant contacts will receive a CDM form.

No-one is overlooked: Everyone will have what they need and you can use as many online forms as necessary, making it more efficient than an over-flowing inbox.

No more excuses: When exhibitors are prompted via the online manual, they always receive their user name and password. So, no more lost log-in details.

It’s speedy: Running reports and pulling the correct data is quick and simple, and will avoid duplicating your work.

Exhibitor list: Once all of your exhibitors are uploaded to the manual, you can pull this information to create the exhibitor list for your website.

Work with us

With the RegBox Online Exhibitor Manual, you can increase your overall productivity and enhance your relationships with exhibitors, whilst increasing efficiency and lowering costs. With all this in mind, plus the stress-free aspect, can you really afford to miss out? If you want to work with us and need more information on our easy-to-integrate web-based solutions for event planning, get in touch.